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This article is for those who believe in GOD, whereas for those who deny GOD Alltogether, and conveniently believe that the entire universe and every thing in it was created on its own, then they are used to watching a lot of Magic shows. Side Effects of T.V - In another article In sha Allah :P 

Here is a quick short debate between our scholar and two of your (atheist) kind a thousand years ago 

Ibn Abu Al-‘Izz reported: It is said that Abu Hanifa, may Allah have mercy on him, was approached by some speculative theologians who intended to discuss with him the oneness of Allah’s Lordship. He said, “Before we discuss this question, tell me what you think about a boat in the Euphrates which goes to shore, loads itself with food and other things, then returns, anchors and unloads all by itself, without anyone sailing or controlling it?” They said, “This is impossible.” He said, “If it is impossible with a boat, then how is it possible for the world, in all its vastness, to move by itself?

[Sharh Aqidah At-Tahawi 35]

Now, even though , Qur'an or in other words lets say Islam has passed all the tests which the disbelievers put forth, be it in terms of compatibility, or in terms of wisdom, or intelligence (such as science) or morale, culture and etc, Islam has passed all of these. Since time immemorial, the disbelievers keep throwing accusations, out of context quote allegations, so on and so forth, but praise be to Allah, for his army i.e those whom he guided and had mercy on to enable them to refute such false allegations and eradicate the misconceptions both perceived and spread, we (i.e those Muslims who are knowledgeable) today have become EXPERTS in debunking and refuting any and all sorts of doubts, allegations and etc. Alhumdulillah ! Yet, we see the Non muslims demand for miracles, now and then, just like how they see on T.V or a magic show, they demand for the miracles (signs) of Allah to pop out instantly as and when they demand for it. "Yea right" . Let us answer this using the islamic literature, for it would serve the purpose better in sha allah. 

Note: There are just too many signs and miracles to quote in one blog post, rather we have books on them. From the creation of Universe until the 'still-preserved' body (Mummy) of thousand years old Pharoah , everything is a sign.

      { And nothing stops Us from sending the Ayaat (proofs, evidences, signs) except that the people of old denied them. And We sent the she-camel to Thamood as a clear sign, but they did her wrong. } [Al Israa: 59]

Allaah the Elevated mentions His mercy of not sending the miracles that the disbelievers request, that nothing prevents Him from sending them except the fear that they would not believe in them, for if they deny them, their punishment would be near, it would take them without delay, as was the case with the earlier generations who belied the miracles.

Amongst the greatest of signs was the one revealed to the people of Thamood, it was a huge, magnificent camel which used to provide for the entire tribe. However they belied this miracle and the torment that Allaah related to us in His Book befell them.

These people likewise, if the greatest of signs were to be shown to them, they would not believe, because what is preventing them from believing is not the concealment of what the Messengers came with, nor is it that it is unclear, whether it is the truth or falsehood. There is indeed a lot of substantial evidence that necessitates the following of guidance for those who are looking for it. So revealing other signs [such as miracles] are similar to it, they would follow the same path regarding them as they did with the evidence, so refraining from sending miracles in this state of theirs is better and more beneficial for them.

Allaah explained elsewhere that there is no need for their request for miracles, because He revealed a miracle that is greater than any other miracle they requested, and that miracle is in this magnificent Qur-aan, it is His saying:
{ Is it not sufficient for them that We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur-aan) which is recited to them } [ Al ‘Ankaboot: 51]

So rebuking them for not being satisfied with this Book and not other miracles shows that it is greater and more magnificent than any other miracle. And it is so, do you not see that it is a clear sign, a magnificent miracle, all of mankind together cannot not produce the likes of it, and it remains, being repeated to be heard by the creation until the hour is established, unlike other miracles at the hands of other Messengers, may the Salaat and Salaam be upon all of them, those miracles have all come to an end.

Sa’eed ibn Jubayr said:

“The polytheists said: ‘O Muhammad, you claim that there were Messengers before you, amongst them was one who could control the wind, one who would bring life to the dead, so if you would like us to believe in you and have faith, then invoke your Lord to turn Mount Safaa into gold.’

So Allaah revealed to him: ‘I have heard what they said, if you like that We make true what they requested it shall be so, but if they do not believe [after that], then the punishment would descend upon them, for indeed there is no dispute after the revelation of miracles, and if you wish that we wait with your people, then We shall wait with them.”

The Messenger then said: ‘My Lord, wait with them.’

Al Imaam Ahmad narrated with his Isnaad that ibn ‘Abbaas said:

The people of Quraysh said to the Prophet - صلى الله عليه وسلم -: ‘Invoke your Lord to turn Mount Safaa into gold and we shall believe in you.’

He replied: ‘Would you really believe?’

They said: ‘Yes’

So he invoked his Lord and Gibreel came and said: ‘Your Lord extends the Salaam to you and says: ‘If you wish, mount Safaa would turn to gold for them, but whoever disbelieves after that, I will torment him like I have not tormented anyone from Mankind and Jinn, and if you wish I shall open for them the door of repentance and mercy.’

He responded: ‘Rather the door of mercy and repentance.

Compiled from the following books of Tafseer:

Adwaa al Bayaan
Tafseer as Sa’dee and
Tafseer ibn Katheer

The hour is nigh, and the moon was cleft asunder. But if they see a Sign they turn away and say “This is (but) Continuous magic” They reject and follow their own lusts but every matter has its Appointed time

[Ref: Qur`aan, Al Qamar, 1-3)

Some Non Muslim friends object by saying " Why do you compare us to them? how do you know we would deny like them? 

Well, the answer to this is " If you could follow them in your religion (i.e denying Allah/Islam) then what proof do we have to believe beforehand that you would oppose them in the objections they raised (i.e by believing when they didn't) "

However, the above explained was regarding those who keep demanding for instantaneous signs now and then, but for those who seek for signs, or proofs entailing the miracle of Allah and etc, then for this purpose we have ample of incidents and evidences available. Signs could be any and everything. It could be

- A rational explanation which proves how wrong we were to follow something or some theory all this while,

- A miracle such as a prophecy coming true or a fact mentioned in the Qur'an, the knowledge of which was deprived or not accessible to mankind except for a few years recently 

- It could be a command or a law which proves to fulfill the purpose of absolute justice 

- It could be an Islamic teaching which benefits both inner and outer self of not only an individual but also an entire society or community 

Depending on the situation, the perspective and topic, signs of Allah come forward in different pictures as well. Thus, we have signs in each and every thing. The very fact how we humans are created since the beginning to be dependent on air and aquatic beings such as fish are the complete opposite in their dependency is in itself a sign implying that a source, a powerful creator, is behind this deisng and he designs as he wills , whom he wills and how he wills. If Allah could create us in this fashion, he is also all capable to create us in the opposite manner. No one can produce a firm absolute scientific evidence so as to show how , when and most important of all WHY are we designed as we are today and not the opposite way. Some signs of Allah, very briefly mentioned,  are as follows : 

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