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33 Question and Answers with Hafidh Zubayr `Ali Zaee rahimahullah

Q&A with Hafidh Zubayr `Ali Zaee – Part 1

Note:  This transcription is produced keeping in mind the vast majority of Muslim English speaking audience and accordingly has been translated in an easy-to-understand language ensuring that the original meaning is retained. It is looked after that the statements are translated conveying their full meanings intended by the native dialect even if it may not be an exact word to word dictation as this, along with redundant background speech, repetitions and it’s likes are avoided for the purpose of brevity.  Also please be informed that the numbering scheme attested to this translation project has no affiliations with any impending projects, series or sessions for the same from the Shaykh himself. Should there be any correction(s) or recommended modification(s), then kindly inform via the blog
 رحم الله امرأ أهدى إلي عيوبي

May Allah have mercy on the one who shows me my faults.
[A statement attributed to `Umar radhiallahu anhu in Sunan ad-Darimee 1/506 or 1/166 or # 675 with a weak chain and Ahmad Shaakir (ed.), ar-Risalah of ash-Shaf`ee, P: 73 footnote no. 8  See Dr. Muhammad Adhmi’s book  titled “ The history of the quranic text page 20 “]


Q1) The ruling on conveying greetings to the prophet by saying Yaa rasool Allah
Q2) maximum number of days one can offer Qasr (shortening the prayer)
Q3-Q4) The Islamic ruling on amulets (ta`weedh)
Q5) Explanation of  the term "Good Bid`ah/ Bid`at al-hasanah used by `Umar (ra)
Q6) Ruling on kissing the Qur`an as a gesture of respect
Q7) The ruling on permitting music based on the hadeeth wherein the prophet permitted the playing of Daff
Q8) Milad an-Nabi vs. Zeyr Zabr Peysh (`Iraab or diacritical marks)
Q9) Ruling on placing our legs facing the Qiblah/Ka`bah
Q10) The ruling on making up missed prayers

Q11) Reciting Fatiha behind Imam instead of paying attention to his recitation
Q12) The ruling on communication between a Girl and Boy after their Nikah and before customary departure of the girl from her house
Q13-14) Difference between a Non-Muslim Mushrik and Muslims indulging in Shirk
Q15)  Pray first or help the injured passing by?
Q16) Ghusl of Janabah
Q17) Can we donate organs after death?
Q18) Size of `Umar (radhiallahu anhu) Moustache?
Q19-20) Are jews and Christians from People of Emaan or believers as claimed by some?
Q21) Different Ways to give Charity
Q22) Consumption of food prepared on specific days of Bid`ah
Q23) Rabbi ul Awwal
Q24-26 ) Imam Abu Hanifa and Raf `al Yadain
Q27) The ruling on the Income availed from selling books containing weak and fabricated narrations

Q28) On day of Judgment we will be called by other Fathers or Mothers name?
Q29) The reaction of other prophets when they received the revelation for the first time
Q30) Hijab in front of the children of her in-laws
Q31) Tabarrukaat (belongings attributed to the Prophet (pbuh)
Q32) Praying on clothes with stained with Sperm
Q33) Ruling on reciting Qur`an and blowing it on ourselves as a form treatment

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  1. JazakAllahu Khairan for this useful post!

    Dr. M M Abdul Halim (MD Cardiology)
    Dept. of Cardiology, LSMU.UA

  2. Is the following correct?

    "We have with us a book called Ahadeeth ul-Ma`azif fil Meezan by Shaykh `Abdullah ibn Yusuf al-Juday al-Iraaqi which is a brilliant book having saheeh ahadeeth on this topic and he has deduced (the prohibition of music) from the ayahs of Qur`an al-Kareem…."

    Sheikh Juday is widely known to have very different views on music to the answer given.

    1. Akhi from what i have seen (from his book) is that he opposes and refutes Music. Could you inform me about the views/books you are talking about ?

    2. See below link which i believe is by the same sheikh juday and the same book

  3. Brother i called up Shaykh Zubayr's student now and informed him of the matter. He informed me about Shaykh Juday and his achievements. He is a famous `Aalim and has issued many books propagating salafiyyah such as Al `Aqeeda as-Salafiyya fli Kalam Rabbil Bariyya . The online link you gave doesn't really give a scan of his book to be sure so allahu `alam.


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