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Due to the overwhelming response received on my page, after I had asked if anyone who wanted this book scanned in pdf format should contact the page; I decided to scan this book and append a small note in the starting to clarify certain points I deemed necessary before the reader proceeded. 

This book is mainly based on some (selective) partial translations from the magnificent book “ Fath ul-Bari” of Imam ibn Hajar asqalani as-shaf`ie (D. 852 A.H) . The one who translated and compiled this is a sufi student of the sufi scholar Nuh ha meem keller who happen to follow the ash`ari-Matrudi creed. 

I have read this book long ago and therefore do not remember every small bit in it, however some of the major things I wanted to point out towards was 

1) The Talqeen related  question under fatwa no. 4 at the end of the book on page no. 33 [as per the printed numbering].  My view is different to that of the author and can be read from here : 

2) Next is the fatwa no. 5 regarding the dead hearing or not. This is a controversial topic and though the author did not say anything new or innovative because his opinion does have the backing of many scholars, nevertheless here is a research article compiled enlisting all the narrations which imply towards the dead hearing + recognizing + responding the alive and its scrutiny  titled “WEAKNESSES OF THE NARRATIONS ENDORSING THE DEAD RECOGNIZING, GREETING & REPLYING” : 

3) For fatwa no. 8 and fatwa no. 9 on quran recitation see the article titled “10. HOW TO BENEFIT THE DEAD & REFUTE TO THE NARRATIONS SUPPORTING QURAAN KHAANI” : 

4) Finally, considering him to be a sufi and famously his teacher also to have bias against one of the greatest scholars of all times, whom even his opponents praised and restrain their tongue – Shaykh ul-Islam Taqiuddin ibn taymiyyah ad-dimishqi (D. 728 A.H) – his hatred and prejudice has stopped the author from even mentioning his great stature among vast majority of academic circles in the past and present , but he also lied against him on page no. 42 [of the printed edition]. Have a look at this giant here : 

Then some ta'weelat of certain attributes of Allah is done by Imam ibn hajar rahimahullah himself as he was an `Ashari in this aspect but that is only twice or so as far as i remember. for this you can refer to 20 rules with regards to the Attributes of Allah by Abu Yahya Noorpuri :

I can’t remember any other issue as such, but the book overall is a good read. Should there be any other issues that needs awareness , kindly inbox us at or  

Scanned and uploaded at the request of many brothers and sisters 

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