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Table of Contents

1)                  From Abu Huraira
2)                  From another chain via Muhammad ibn Qudamah al-Jawhari
3)                  Another chain from Yahya ibnul-`Ala’
4)                  From mother of believers `Aisha radhiallahu `anha  - May allah curse those who revile her

4.1) Another narration from mother of the believers `Aisha
4.2) Another route from Aisha
       5)           From Ibn `Abbas (Radhiallahu `anhu)
       6)           From Ibn `Umar (radhiallahu `anhu)
       7)           From Abu Razeen/Abu huraira radhiallahu `anhu
       8)          The narration of deceased feeling sad upon seeing his beloved from this world
       9)          From `Abdullah ibn Abu Farwah Madani , Abu Huraira and Ibn `Umar regarding martyrs of Uhud

     9.1) Another variant in Mustadrak comes with the wording

10)          The incident of marytrs of Uhud speaking to the khala of `Attaf  ibn Khalid

                10.1) The above report has also come in the following way:

11)          From Hashim ibn Muhammad `Umri
12)          From Muhammad ibn Waasi`   
13)          From Abu Sa`eed al-Khudri (radhiallahu `anhu)
14)          From Ibn `Abbas regarding the deceased speaking to its carriers
15)          From Hibban ibn abu Jabla
16)          From `Aasim al-Jahdari
17)          From Imam e Azaam Sufyan ath-thawri (D. 161 A.H)

                17.1) Another report from Imam e Azam sufyan ath-thawri
18)          From Mujahid (D. 104 A.H)
19)          Bakr ibn `Abdullah ibn `Amr Muzni (D. 106 A.H)
20)          `Amro ibn deenar (D. 126 A.H)
21)          Abdur rahman ibn abu layla (D. 83 A.H)
22)          Ibn abi Najih (D. 131 A.H)
23)          Abu `Abdullah Bakr, al-Muzni
24)          Imam sa`eed ibn Mussayab (D. After 90 A.H)
25)          From `Ali radhiallahu `anhu regarding Abu Bakr
26)          Sahl ibn sa`d (radhiallahu `anhu)
27)          `Amr ibn deenar (Rahimahullah


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