Monday, 29 January 2018

QA#3: Prophet says every disease has a cure, but how so?

Question: Allah has not sent down a disease except that He has also sent down its cure.”

I do not deny the Hadith, but I’m confused on the meaning because some people have what is known as incurable diseases such as the Aids virus, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and a few others.

In light of this can you kindly explain the Hadith?


1) When the Prophet said what he said above, he did not necessarily imply that for every disease, there is an Operation Theatre that cures it. It means that the cure is here, but not necessarily in one stream of study (e.g. medical or allopathy ) . It could also mean that many times islamic method of treatment is the way to curing a disease. For e.g. prophetic medicines extracted from God's green earth. Or prophetic supplications used as an anti-evil eye therapy. Prophetic guidelines and warnings for a gambler (disease), or an adulterer (disease) or an alcoholic individual (disease). 

2) some cures are in found in other than one branch of medicine. Some "incurable' diseases get cured using alternative medicine, often stemming from ancient medicinal recipes and techniques.

See: 6 Ancient Treatments Doctors Still Use - Link:

3) some cures are in the form of prevention of entering the reason for exposing yourself to that very disease. For e.g. used razors or Aids is a disease- one way to treat it is by not doing the things that causes AIDS in the first place. No intercourse with multiple partners , no saliva exchange with multiple partners, etc. etc 

4) some cures are yet to be discovered by humans. The prophet did not say that every disease has a cure in its own era and time. Many of the diseases that were prevalent 100 years ago, their cure was found today and not 300 years back so you get the picture...

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5) Finally, sometimes cures do exist, but Allah doesn't want it that way for a particular person. He either afflicts him with tests or trials and if you want to know why so, here is a link:

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