Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The ruling on voting under certain circumstances

Fatawa from 6 + scholars [including shaykh mubasshir rahmani, rafeeq tahir, anwar salafi and dr. r.k. Noor) quoting the agreement of Sunni scholarship for 6 decades on this issue of voting. Let he who think his youtube `Ilm is more wiser than the scholars of 6 decades and today fear Allah. 

Question : Assalamu `Alaykum Respected Shaykh, I am today questioning you on behalf of brothers living in Non Muslim lands so I can translate and share your answer. As you are most likely aware , the situation in the western regions have drastically changed given the increase in islamaphobic laws and appearances against the Muslims which have surfaced to a great extent. 

In these dire situations the Muslims residing in certain non Islamic countries have no way to legally fight these situations except trying to or attempting to make a change, even if it be for 10% by participating in elections so as to either ward off the more hostile party or adopt the less hostile one. In these circumstances a young group filled with teenagers mostly or those who have no actual Islamic scholarship – not even via distance learning course – indulge in speaking against voting , making takfeer of those who do it and eventually confusing the Muslims about this action for none of us agree or like or equate the man-made laws to that of allah’s laws but as you know they adopt and compromise on this not out of love but for survival. More so, when we inform them that the giant scholars of India Pakistan have indulged in elections for decades they discard it as if everyone was absolutely wrong and indulged in kufr al-akbar whereas these teenagers or English speaking youtubers are now right in their understanding of this mas’ala. 

Also note that many of these individuals are pro-daesh (so we know where their notions stem from) What is your say on this may allah reward you? 

Download Answers : https://www.mediafire.com/?7fzi173zx5wetzw

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