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Table of Contents :

1. The importance of reviving the sunnah and seeking knowledge to do so

2. A point to remember before proceeding

3.  Some of the forgotten sunnan ! 

Forgotten Sunnah # 1 :The Sunnah at the times of calamity, difficulty and trials

Forgotten Sunnah (or reward) # 2 : Entering the market whilst saying .....

Forgotten Sunnah # 3 : Fasting for three days every month 

Forgotten Sunnah # 4 :Rinsing the mouth after drinking Milk or anything that has a fatty residue

Forgotten Sunnah # 5 :Having a part of rainfall fall on you

Forgotten Sunnah # 6 :Washing the nose thrice after waking up from Sleep

Forgotten Sunnah # 7: Reciting the Adhkaar (praises and supplications) after the Fardh salah 

Forgotten Sunnah # 8: Reading or preaching from Surah Qaaf (Surah no. 50) during the Jumu'ah Khutbah (friday sermon)

Forgotten Sunnah # 9: Reciting Surah Ghaashiya (88), al-'Ala (87), Al-Jumu'ah(62) and Munafiqoon (63) in the Jumu'ah (friday) prayer

Forgotten Sunnah # 10: The Prayer of Istikhaara for any and every matter

Forgotten Sunnah # 11: Dua'as to protect oneself and one's children from Evil eye, Black Magic/Jinn and Harm

Forgotten Sunnah # 12: Walking Barefoot sometimes

Forgotten Sunnah # 13: Wiping over Khuffs (socks) during wudu' (ablution)

Forgotten Sunnah # 14: Reciting some verses in the third and fourth rak'ah of Zuhur prayer

Forgotten Sunnah # 15: Returning greeting (Walaikum Assalaam) in prayer by making a gesture with one's hands

Forgotten Sunnah # 16: Spitting dryly to one's left side, three times and seeking refuge with Allaah from the devil during prayer when distracted by the devil

Forgotten Sunnah # 17: offering two Rak'ahs whenever one returns from a journey

Forgotten Sunnah # 18: The Imam verifying that the rows are straight and gaps filled

Forgotten Sunnah # 19: The Evergreen medicine therapy : Hijaama (cupping)

Forgotten Sunnah # 20: Using Siwak (Miswak) before every prayer, when entering the house and when getting up for tahajjud

Forgotten Sunnah # 21: Praying Nawafil and Sunnah prayers at home

Forgotten Sunnah # 22: Supplicating with whatever you want after the Final Tashahud in salah 

Forgotten Sunnah # 23: Pausing for a while after rising/getting up from Rukoo' and First Sujood 

Forgotten Sunnah # 24: Jalse e Istarahaat (the pause/sitting after every Odd rak'ah)

Forgotten Sunnah # 25: Reciting a surah after al Faatiha in the prayer of Janaazah (funeral)

Forgotten Sunnah # 26: Making Dua'a after the fourth takbeer in salatul Janaazah (funeral prayer)

Forgotten Sunnah # 27: Adding more than 4 takbeerat to the funeral prayer

Forgotten Sunnah # 28: Sunnah of asking for good and seeking refuge in Allah during rain or wind storm

Forgotten Sunnah # 29: Praying 2 rak'ah after the 'Asr prayer

Forgotten Sunnah # 30: Visiting the sick and reciting the virtuous dua'a  while doing so.

Forgotten Sunnah # 31: Keeping a sutrah  (barrier) before ourselves during prayer

Forgotten Sunnah # 32: To suppress arrogance and say I do not know

Forgotten Sunnah # 33: The Sunnah of not cheating or lying during trade/business dealings or falsely taking an oath for the same.

Forgotten Sunnah # 34: Not to Argue , especially during Ramadan

Forgotten Sunnah # 35: To enter a house/shop by saying Assalamu 'Alaykum or its Likes.

Forgotten Sunnah # 36: To spread the Islamic greeting to both known and Unknown Muslims

Forgotten Sunnah # 37: Praying two rak'ah before leaving the house and after returning to the house to safeguard or protect oneself from the harms

Forgotten Sunnah # 38: Wiping the face after getting up from sleep


Forgotten Sunnah # 39 : Reciting a portion or part of Qur'an before going to sleep or in a Day

Forgotten Sunnah # 40: Invoking and Supplicating to Allah during the recitation of the Qur'an in the prayer (salah) itself and at times of Sujood and Tashahud

Forgotten Sunnah # 41 : To Pass the drink to the person sitting on the right first.

Forgotten Sunnah # 42: To say Bismillah before removing the clothes to protect the awrah being exposed to the Jinns.

Forgotten Sunnah # 43 : To say Bismillah when we trip /fall

Forgotten Sunnah # 44: To pay the wage/salary of the worker on time. 

Forgotten Sunnah # 45 : In a funeral , To sit down only after the coffin has been placed down

Forgotten Sunnah # 46: Praying, praising Allah and giving charity during eclipse

Forgotten Sunnah # 47: Saying Assalamu `alaykum to children whenever we pass by them

Forgotten Sunnah # 48: Some of the Sunan of the Salah and Salat Al-Duha

Forgotten Sunnah # 49: From the Sunan of Wudu': Rubbing between your toes with your pinky/last finger

Forgotten Sunnah # 50 : Returning the salaam only when you have purified/washed your hands after relieving yourself. 

Forgotten Sunnah # 51: Praising your creditor (one who gave you a loan) while returning his loan back

Forgotten Sunnah # 52: A partner should not eat two dates at a time (while having a meal with him without his/host's permission)

Forgotten Sunnah # 53: Reciting this du`a after reciting Qur`an or after getting up from any gathering (meeting) and after every prayer 

Forgotten Sunnah # 54 : 2 rak`at Optional Prayer After Eid Prayer 

Forgotten Sunnah # 55 : Making du`a using these words to hasten it's response 



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